Wellness is a lifestyle,
not an event.

                                                                                                  Nan and Dr. Harris attended an A4M Conference in Orlando.  They are bringing new ideas and therapies to East Tennessee. Call us today!


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  • We have a new Supervising Physician! Hop over to our Wellness Team Tab and read about Dr. Harris. Please call to inquire about appointments.  
  • Thermograms will be on March 5th, 2020. Call today to make your appointment. 865.675.9355






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Our goal at Seasons is to educate and empower men and women of all ages to achieve optimal wellness as they transition through the different seasons of life. We offer patients an evidence-based natural, holistic, and healing approach to healthcare.

Nan Sprouse FNP-BC, shares some of her personal experience with Lyme Disease in Knoxville’s City View Magazine.

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 Fasting for Better Health and Metabolic Reset   Fasting has received all kinds of attention in the media these days. In 2019, it was one of the most searched for diet terms on Google, and many weight loss experts are touting the benefits of fasting to the...



How is your gut health? Did you know there are billions of beneficial bacteria living within us? Bacteria is what makes up our microbiome-an integral part of our internal ecosystem that benefits our gut health and immune function.  Your microbiome is home to trillions...

The S Word S-U-G-A-R

The S Word S-U-G-A-R

What is your relationship with sugar like? Do you always say YES to cake at parties and YES to chocolate for dessert? Our bodies need sugar- but we are eating excessive amounts in America- to the point it is hurting our health. Have you picked up a 7 year old lately?...

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