Wellness is a lifestyle,
not an event.

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Seasons Wellness

Our goal at Seasons is to educate and empower men and women of all ages to achieve optimal wellness as they transition through the different seasons of life. We offer patients an evidence-based natural, holistic, and healing approach to healthcare.

PhysioAge Systems

How well are you aging?

The PhysioAge Systems is a true disease prevention program. The goal and focus is on the new paradigm of wellness of aging not disease in aging. The key is evaluating how well your body systems are working optimally together for the promotion of wellness and to identify your weakest areas to promote healing and disease prevention.

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IV Vitamin C and Cancer Stem Cells

Cancer Stem Cells Functional medicine is the new movement in medicine that seeks the root cause(s) of disease for each individual.  Functional medicine is also a return to the roots of what a physician or doctor is—Docēre rāphè.  Words still have meaning.  Rāphè is...

IV Vitamin C and Cancer

Intravenous (IV) vitamin C history For years, since 2008 to be exact, I have been an advocate for the IV use of Vitamin C (IVC), also called ascorbic acid, when treating cancer and a variety of other conditions, but the science for IVC has been around for quite some...

Nutrigenomics: the Genetic power of Food

Nutrigenomics Have you ever wondered about how a good diet or a bad diet could affect your body? I’m not just talking about how nutrition can play a role in how you feel or how the number of calories in and the number of calories out can affect the size of your...

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