“All of our dreams can come true if we just have the courage to pursue them.”


                                                                                                    – Walt Disney


Does success just happen?


Is success the result of chance?


Or, is success the result of decisions, goals, the right team of people, and timely opportunity?


Of course, I follow the latter belief.   Success is the result of hard work, big goals, the right team of people and being in the right place at the right time through preparation.


Now is the time to prepare for success!  Success in Health for 2015 starts now!  Whether the goal is maintaing Health or achieving Health, successes achieved in 2015 begins now.


For many people, the New Year’s resolution is right around the corner.  Many New Year resolutions encompass a return to a Healthy Lifestyle.  The #1 New Year resolution in Health is, of course, weight loss.  Other Health resolutions commonly include improvement in diet, increase exercise, reduction in disease risk, fight active disease and prevent disease.  At Seasons Wellness, we are prepared to help you now to achieve Health success in the future for 2015!




Seasons Wellness follows a Wellness lifestyle through the 5 points of Wellness.




There is no one size fits all approach that ever works.  Nutrition is no different.  Seasons Wellness customizes Nutrition plans based on individual genetics, individualized biochemistry and risk.  Some examples include:



Whether the goal is weight loss, treating Diabetes, reducing cardiovascular risk, or fighting Cancer, it starts with customized Nutrition.




“A body at rest tends to stay at rest, but a body in motion tends to stay in motion”.  For some, a sedentary lifestyle is a detriment to Health.  For others, excessive exercise or the incorrect method(s) of exercise is a detriment to Health.  Exercise must be customized.  Sometimes weight loss and/or Health doesn’t begin with Exercise, but begins with improved metabolism so that when customized Exercise is prescribed, positive benefits are the result.  Customized Exercise is achieved and followed through:


  • Body Composition analysis to measure fat, muscle, and water content (new for 2015)
  • Measured metabolic rate (new for 2015)
  • Testing of all variables involved in metabolism (Thyroid, Cortisol, Hormone Balance, Glucose metabolism…)
  • Design Exercise programs that fit an individuals time ability
  • Adjustments to Exercise based on changes in metabolic rate and/or body composition


The result is a customized Exercise program to increase metabolism, build muscle, burn fat, achieve and maintain Healthy weight as a result.




Hormones are critical to Health.  Hormones are critical to metabolism, healthy weight loss, disease prevention, and a healthy lifestyle.  The impact of Hormones differ between individuals and differ between the sexes.  A customized Hormone plan must include a complete Hormone evaluation:


  • Hormone levels
  • Hormone balance
  • Hormone metabolism
  • Understanding of Hormone receptors and influence on Hormone signaling
  • Outside influences

Hormones are not static.  Hormones are very dynamic.  Hormones are fluid.  Only a proper, functional Hormone evaluation will maximize Hormone therapy while minimizing side effects.  The result is optimal, individualized metabolic function.





It all begins with Inflammation.  Disease requires Inflammation and an absence of disease requires an absence of Inflammation.   Abdominal fat produces Inflammation and Inflammation increases fat deposits.  Any 2015 goals for Health, weight loss, or disease prevention must include Inflammation evaluation.  Customized Inflammation planning includes:


  • assessment of the sources/causes of Inflammation
  • assessment of Oxidative Stress
  • assessment of the body’s natural defenses against Inflammation and Oxidative Stress.
  • assessment of the metabolic implications of Inflammation


Only though customization, can an individuals cause(s) of Inflammation and the means to attack Inflammation be determined.




We live in a toxic world.   Detoxification is the means by which the body protects us from things that we take in from our environment or that which our own body makes.  The body converts the toxic compounds to a safer form to then eliminate from the body.  This assures that no damage will occur to the body.  Optimal Energy production can only occur in the presence of Healthy Detoxification.  Customized Detoxification planning includes:


  • assessment of Detoxification pathways
  • assessment for genetic defects in Detoxification pathways
  • assessment of environmental Toxins (heavy metals, OrganoPhosphates and other toxins)
  • assessment of Detoxification pathways
  • assessment of cellular Energy production


Detoxification occurs in every cell, every minute of every day.  Customized Detoxification is the only way to identify and support deficiencies in Detoxification (whether genetic or simply the result of dysfunction) and to individualize Detoxification to achieve optimal Energy production.


The time is now.  The time is right.  Set your goals.  Don’t leave your Health hopes for 2015 to chance to just repeat in 2016.  Learn your customized metabolic pathway to Health and grab the opportunity for Health success in 2015 now.