It has been said that brevity is the soul of whit.  However, when it comes to the physiology of the body, brevity is the soul of ignorance.  In reality, truth is evident in the complexity of the body’s physiology.


Hormones are the perfect example.  Hormones are simple, right?  Men are just Testosterone and women are just Estrogen.  This is the way marketing portrays hormones.  I often call it marketing-based medicine.  In more recent years, you can see this thought in the massive uptick in the prescription of Testosterone for men.  Unfortunately, 25% of men are never diagnosed with low Testosterone prior to initiation of therapy and 21% of men are never re-evaluated after starting Testosterone therapy.  That is not therapy, but is in fact doping.




Men are not alone in this hormone ignorance.  History has seen this same pattern before with women.  Since the 1940’s, estrogen has been marketed as a woman’s personal fountain of youth.  If you are a women, ask your physician if you should have an estrogen level checked prior to therapy.  The answer will be no; and that is just with estrogen.  Ask them about progesterone levels, and you will likely get the look of confusion, as if you are speaking a language not of this earth.  Think about the potential consequences if the same approach was taken with blood pressure medicines.


Hormones are complex.  Hormone metabolism is complex.  Brevity need not apply.


Above is the talk that I gave at the annual AFMA meeting in Atlanta, GA in 2015 on Hormone metabolites.  Sit back, have some popcorn and enjoy!