Dr. Goodyear was honored to again speak at the American Functional Medicine Association annual meeting in Atlanta, GA.  Dr.img_2523
Goodyear joined an outstanding list of speakers at the 2016 AFMA meeting.  Dr. Goodyear spoke on the topic of ‘Physician Burnout’.


The first literary reference to physician burnout was a novel written in 1960 with the first definition of physician burnout originating in 1975.   Over 40 years of research on physician burnout has focused on defining physician burnout, identifying the components of physician burnout, and obtaining statistics of physician burnout.  Despite 40+ years of research, the trend of physician burnout is headed in the wrong direction.  In 2001, the rate of physician burnout was 22%.  The most recent statistics, from 2016, put the rate of physician burnout in excess of 55%.



The increasing trend of physician burnout mirrors that of the Functional Medicine movement.  The call for a paradigm change and a return to the roots of Healthcare, to provide healing solutions, is the driver behind the Functional Medicine movement.   In Physician Burnout, the same lack of solutions has led to the increasing trend in Physician Burnout.  The same paradigm change that brought forth the Functional Medicine movement must also accompany a business model paradigm change of Healthcare.  At the heart and the root cause of the increasing trend in Physician Burnout is the incompatibility of the Health care delivery model and the Health care business model.


The urgent need to focus on the root causes and thus solutions of Physician Burnout is the potential negative impacts on patients.  According to recent studies, Physician Burnout can negatively impact patient care in several potential ways:

  • decreased patient satisfaction
  • prolonged treatment recovery
  • decreased positive clinical outcome
  • increased medical errors
  • increased injury potential
  • increased mortality potential


Physicians are first and foremost patient advocates.  Physicians are not insurance advocates, government advocates, or hospital advocates.  As a patient advocate, physicians must remove all obstacles that interfere with that patient advocacy responsibility.  The patients Health and Wellbeing is the physicians ultimate goal and responsibility.


The 2016 AFMA meeting was a star studded speaker affair.  Other conference highlights included:


Renowned author and researcher, Thomas N Seyfried PhD.   Dr. Seyfried is the leader in the paradigm cancer is a mitochondrial metabolic disease and the use of the ketogenic diet in the treatment of cancer.  Dr. Seyfried is the author of numerous papers (150+) and research on the topic.


Researcher and professor at USF, Dominic D’agostina PhD, discussed ketosis, cancer, TBI, and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.


In a different take, Grammy award winning producer, Barry Goldstein, highlighted the use of music as medicine.


Denis Wilson MD, author of low T3 syndrome, highlighted the interaction between the thyroid hormones and the metabolic rate.


James Andry MD discussed the very complex hormonal control in weight management.


William Pawluk MD of John Hopkins University discussed the cutting edge use of Magnetic fields in healing.



left to right (William Pawluk MD, Thomas N. Seyfried PhD, Eldred Taylor MD)


Cancer as a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease (Thomas N. Seyfried PhD)


Russel M. Jaffe MD


Approach to Normalizing the Metabolic Rate and Eliminating Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (Denis Wilson MD)


Musical Prescriptions for Medical, Psychological, and Emotional Patient Health (Barry Goldstein–Grammy award winner)