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Dr. Goodyear is proud to announce his first book–“ManBoob Nation“.

Men are not the men that their grandfathers were. Obesity is on the increase. Estrogen production in men is on the incline. Testosterone and sperm count are on the decline.


What is the physiologic impact on the health of men?

Better yet, what is the cause.


To know the physiologic impact, one must know the underlying cause.  Is low Testosterone the problem.  Or, is low Testosterone merely the effect of the cause?  The effect that we see?
In fact, the low Testosterone epidemic is not the cause, but is simply the effect. So what is the cause?

Marketing would have us believe that it is all about the T. Physicians are not immune to this trap. Instead of “evidence-based” practitioners, we have become “marketing-based” practitioners. We providers practice medicine out of 30-60 second marketing bytes.


That is marketing. But what does the science say. Not, what do opinion statements say. Not, what do self-help books say. And definitely, not what marketing says. What does the science, bias and opinions removed, say.  This book attempts to wade through the swamp of science on Testosterone in men to find scientific truth on the causes of low T.


There are 8 primary causes of low Testosterone:

natural decline


As Functional medicine practitioners, the source of the problem is our focus. A healing strategy for health care requires a solution based therapeutic approach. That is the drive behind “Man Boob Nation”, a functional medicine approach to low T.


Treating the symptoms and not the cause(s) leads to side effects.  Three recent journal publications highlight this folly.  The first, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, reported increased adverse effects in men treated with Testosterone.  The study was actually stopped due to the adverse cardiovascular events.  The problem was massive overdosing.    Doping athletes would only wish to have received those dosing levels.  The second, published in the Journal of American Medical Association, found an increase risk of stroke and MI in men treated with Testosterone.  The problem?  These men were inadequately assessed, inadequately followed (as this was a retrospective chart review), and the majority (80%) of them had pre-existing cardiovascular disease.  The third and most recent study was published in PLosOne.  This study found an increase in MI in men > 65 years of age and those < 65 with pre-existing CVD.  These men were also inappropriately evaluated and inappropriately followed.


These studies would give the impression that Testosterone replacement is bad.  No.  These studies reveal a problem with low T dogma.  Low T is not the cause as these 3 studies reveal.  The cause(s) of low T are the problems.   Low T is just the problem we see.  That is why Testosterone replacement in these studies caused harm–Testosterone for these study participants was like throwing fuel on the fire.


“Man Boob Nation” is a 2+ year work in an attempt to get to the root cause of low T.  No marketing.  No opinions.   Every effort was made to focus on the scientific foundation of the cause(s) of low T.  Bias and politics have clouded the practice of medicine. This book is an effort to peel back the cloud of confusion and find the truth.


To purchase the book, click here.   A kindle version is also available.