Wellness begins with a thought.  Wellness begins with a goal.  Wellness is something you must think to create.  For each individual, wellness means something different.  For some, wellness is a current lifestyle that is to be maintained.  For many, wellness is something that is coveted because wellness has been lost.

At Seasons Wellness, we offer individualized therapy to aggressively eliminate the obstacles to wellness and to maximize your body’s performance to achieve optimal wellness potential. We work with you to achieve health and wellness through the 7 points of Wellness: Epigenetics, NutritionExerciseHormonesInflammation, Detoxification, and Gut microbiome.



Everything begins with DNA. DNA is the code of genetics in the body. DNA is fixed and can not be altered. Epigenetics, however, is the study of genetic expression. Epigenetics can be used to provide custom therapy based on individual epigenetic expression and to effect genetic expression change to customize wellness potential. Seasons is one of the few sites in the world to provide custom epigenetic evaluation and interpretation.


Your diet must be individualized to meet your epigenetic expression, your metabolic needs, to limit inflammatory responses, and to meet your lifestyle/metabolic demands. We offer personalized nutritional counseling to develop a plan for disease management, disease prevention, health restoration to optimize wellness potential.


Exercise builds muscle, relieves stress, aids detoxification, and optimizes metabolism just to name a few. At Seasons, we customize exercise to match epigenetic expression, to maximize your calorie expenditure, while reducing the damage to your body from excessive exercise. We do this in a way to match your lifestyle, match your physical abilities, and meet your goals.


Your hormone balance is unique and will change based on factors such as epigenetics, age, weight loss, weight gain, stress, and even nutrition. By sharing any symptoms you might have with your Wellness team at Seasons, we can assess the possibility of hormone imbalance issues. With that information and proper testing, we can identify your particular hormone imbalance, hormone metabolism, and formulate a plan to balance your hormones and optimize hormone metabolism. Balanced hormones = better health.


Pain, redness, swelling, heat, and loss of function are common manifestations of inflammation. Your unique source of inflammation is identified through symptom evaluation and state-of-the-art testing. Uncontrolled inflammation = increased disease potential. At Seasons, we work to eliminate causes of inflammation, which is as diverse and unique as each individual.


Detoxification is a real, measurable physiologic process. The ability to detoxify is critical to your health. At Seasons, we evaluate your body’s ability to detoxify with state-of-the-art testing and treat those areas that are dysfunctional. We focus on your major detox organs—liver, skin, kidneys, lymphatics, and GI tract-though every cell in the body must detoxify. We provide a detoxification plan, if needed, to meet your specific toxic load and to support your identified detoxification needs.

Gut Microbiome

Everything begins in the gut. Disease or wellness potential begins in the gut. At Seasons, we evaluate the gut function and the gut bacteria balance (called gut microbiome). The gut microbiome is estimated at 5-9 trillion bacteria. The gut microbiome aids digestion, helps to produce vitamins, protects against infections, and supports the immune system.

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