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  • Under current circumstances, Seasons is by appointment only.  Please call before dropping by the office.  
  • Have you met Dr. Harris? Hop over to our Wellness Team Tab and read about Dr. Harris. Please call to inquire about appointments.  
  • Thermograms will be on December 3rd, 2020. Call today to make your appointment. 865.675.9355






                                                                                                  Nan has been featured on Precision Analytical for the month of November.  Read more here


                                                                                                  Nan and Dr. Harris attending an A4M Conference in Orlando.  They are bringing new ideas and therapies to East Tennessee. Call us today!


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Our goal at Seasons is to educate and empower men and women of all ages to achieve optimal wellness as they transition through the different seasons of life. We offer patients an evidence-based natural, holistic, and healing approach to healthcare.

Nan Sprouse FNP-BC, shares some of her personal experience with Lyme Disease in Knoxville’s City View Magazine.

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October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  Many women are familiar with the smiley face which accompanies the message that their mammogram was negative.  Others may get great news with a negative report from their thermogram.   However, some women, approximately 1 out of 8, will get a positive report...

G is for Glutathione

G is for Glutathione

This is the first of a series regarding immune system boosters.  With all the recent news concerning the pandemic and the annual flu, a quick reminder of supplements will encourage all of us!   The usual rhetoric continues to stress hand washing, mask wearing, and...

Seasons Staff Recommendations for Immune Boosting Supplements

Seasons Staff Recommendations for Immune Boosting Supplements

Vitamin D3 – adults with normal kidney function can take 10,000 IU daily and may increase to 20,000 IU daily if symptomatic for viral illness Vitamin C – 1 gram (1000 mg) twice a day – increase to three times a day if symptomatic, we use livonlabs.com – they are...

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