Millions of Americans unknowingly live with or work around mold and it’s estimated that long-term mold exposure contributes to more than 50% of illnesses.

The good news . . . You do not have to live with a mold induced chronic illness.

Seasons offers a urinary mycotoxin test looks at 16 mycotoxins and reveals if there is mold toxicity in your body. We then create a personalized wellness program for you based off of your results.

Mold exposure is tricky and deceptive causing low-level, chronic conditions that can go unnoticed for years until they become unrelenting. Some of the long term health effects from mold exposure include kidney toxicity, immune suppression, depression, chronic fatigue, cancer and birth defects.

If you are experiencing symptoms that include – –

Fatigue – Chronic Headaches – Light Sensitivity – Poor Concentration – Joint Pain – Tingling – Numbness -Shortness of Breath – Vertigo – Abdominal Pain – Blurred Vision – Anxiety

Keep a journal to record your symptoms to include when and where they begin as well as when they subside.

In addition to detoxing your body from the toxins that mold can introduce, we also suggest strengthening your immune system to help prevent future illness with a thorough spring cleaning.

🏠 Improve your air quality index: open windows when appropriate to maintain the flow of air and regularly clean and replace HVAC filters
🏠 Deep clean sinks daily – it can harbor more bacteria than a toilet
🏠 Eliminate bacteria, molds and mildews: remove standing water and invest in high quality ventilation fans in bathrooms
🏠 Maintain your HVAC system and furnace: hire a professional once a year to complete a thorough inspection

At Seasons, we believe in the importance of being heard and uncovering the unique path to your wellness based on your genetics, physiology and lifestyle so that we, partnering with you, are able to begin healing your body holistically – not synthetically.

To uncover the mold toxicity that is in your body, we offer a urinary mycotoxin test that looks at 16 different mycotoxins and reveals a detailed picture of the mold toxicity in your body.

The results provided below in this sample test share incredible insights that give us a detailed roadmap toward the healing process in Jane Doe’s body as well as to help in the prevention of future illness.

You are unique and your path to wellness should be an intimate reflection of your individual genetics, physiology and lifestyle.

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– Nan Sprouse, FNP-BC-FAAMM