“On the last day of Lyme Awareness Month, I was able to take a beach run. I never thought I’d be able to run again.  Now I am planning to run a marathon with my sister and niece. I’m so thankful for my family and the team at Seasons Wellness who have put me on the path of healing.”


“It’s hard to know how Lyme disease has impacted my life, because we don’t know for sure when I contracted it. What I do know is I can’t remember a life before my symptoms. Fatigue, anxiety, depression, neuropathy, numbness, tingling, joint pain, chronic shingles, skin sensitivities, chronic syncope (passing out), brain fog, heart palpitations and chest pain have all been a part of my story at one stage or another.

I never saw the tick, I never had the rash (that I know of). But 30 + years after my onset of symptoms, dozens of stumped doctors and specialists, ER visits, scans, and costly testing, I have an answer. I am in a club I never wanted to be a part of.

And yet, I am one of the lucky ones! I have a provider who understands the disease and is a bringer of Hope! Thank you Seasons!


“…I owe you much gratitude for caring for my health (present and future) month after month.  God has, through you, given me so much hope that I despaired of for seven years prior… God is using you and your office to show compassion, tender mercy, and steadfast love to many”.


“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank our Lord for “feeling good”.  It is a blessing to walk, talk, breathe easy and feel good! Thanks so much for helping me get back to normal.  My husband calls Nan the “Sprousanator,” she gets things done!


Dear Seasons,

I just want to thank you all so much for helping me feel like a whole new person. It has been a year since I came to Seasons and through all the testing and diet changes I feel so amazing. I have lost 20 lbs and feel great. I have been off sugar for a whole year and it has helped so much. I never take heartburn or acid reflux medicine anymore because my body is healed! Thank you so much for your natural approach to health! Your staff is so patient, kind, professional, and understanding. Coming to you has changed my life and I am so greatful! Keep doing what you’re doing!


“Before coming to seasons I had little energy, felt tired all the time, and was taking medicine my family Dr. prescribed to “help” my problem.  Seasons evaluated my symptoms and test results, and diagnosed the root cause of my symptoms.  I am now full of energy, feel great, and am about to accomplish one of my biggest goals…… to be a dad.”


Seasons and staff have made an amazing difference in my life!
They gets to the root source of what is causing your symptoms/medical condition & corrects it with a Natural Holistic approach for better health.

The type of testing he does is much more extensive & goes deeper than the basic medical tests that are usually ordered/performed.

When my female Hormones & Thyroid were re-tested 6 months later they were totally balanced! I feel blessed to have found Seasons Wellness


Seasons Wellness has changed my life! Love the team!


“For the last few years, my C-Reactive Protein has been high ~6-8 mg/L, where normal is 0-3 mg/L.  My Primary Care physician repeatedly expressed concern, and told me this was a sign of chronic inflammation.  Each time, my Primary Care physician suggested I stop smoking (never did), start exercising (do everyday), and take vitamins (always do).  I was never concerned because I felt great; had no aches and pains.  It just didn’t make sense.  My last C-Reactive Protein was 0.9 mg/L; a huge drop.  Now I know this inflammation was due to the high Estrogen.  I am happy that you figured this problem out!”


“My experience with Seasons has been life changing!  My family has been changed for the better”.


Seasons has changed our lives.  A few years ago my ob/gyn told me it was time to start taking estrogen.  I did not feel comfortable about that and fortunately a friend told me about Seasons.  I started going to Seasons and began to learn about my total body and how to get my body chemistry under control.  I feel great now and will never regret going to Seasons.  Earlier this year my husband asked me if I would suggest him going to Seasons as he was lacking energy, could not sleep and felt in a fog.  I encouraged him to go.  Seasons was able to get him back to his old self.  I love that Seasons looks at your whole body not just the symptoms you come in with.  I would recommend anyone to try Seasons—you will feel so much better!


“When I first came to Seasons, I had no energy, I was depressed, I was emotionally distressed, I struggled with weight gain and brain fog, and I thought I was losing my mind.

Thanks to Seasons, specifically Nan Sprouse, I have my life back. Nan treated me as if I was her only patient–with a caring Christian heart.  She listened and was determined to help me get back to a normal life. The office staff,to include the nurses, you see during the check in process is second to none, always friendly and focusing on making you feel comfortable and valued.

I am so thankful for Seasons.”


“Never been treated so well at any doctor’s office or their staff.  Always greeted with smiles and friendliness.  I’m loving it! I’m treated like a king!”


“I had an MRI this week and the Neurosurgeon called and said that my braintumor has become smaller than the MRI I had one year ago.  Thanks for all your help, I believe that all the holistic things I have done(including the IVs) and a positive energy/attitude has worked in my favor. Thank you, and all your staff for the care I received.”


“Before coming to Seasons, I had forgotten what it felt like to feel strong and have energy. However, after a few short weeks of treatments, I experienced boundless energy and increased strength.”


“Before  coming to Seasons, I felt like I was walking around in a fog, unable to stay focused, constantly tired and unable to sleep. After the saliva hormone testing , a treatment plan was formed. Within in a week I noticed I was no longer walking in a fog and able to focus better.  My energy  level has increased and I am sleeping better at night now. I feel like a new person! Thank you Seasons!”


Over the last year, I have learned many valuable lessons through my journey to total health.  First of all, I have learned to enjoy the process. There were many times where I wanted to be healed instantly so that I could eat whatever I wanted and stop having to remember to take my medicine at obscure hours, but there is something so beautiful about learning how your individual body reacts to certain substances, further proving how truly unique you are. Enjoy the journey; there is much to be learned: patience, discipline, importance of health, investment, etc.

The next lessons are far more complicated to explain. First of all, the way modern world does medicine has drifted far from the treatment of the individual, unique person, to the treatment of the condition as is taught by a one-size-fits-all model.  For every symptom, sickness, disease, and condition there is a pill to cover it up.  “Here are your symptoms. Here is a pill to mask those symptoms.”  Whereas, the holistic/integrative/functional model says, “Here are your symptoms.  Why are they happening?  Can we heal it?”  Not only the medical system, but many other systems, including our food supply.  This is yet another large revelation that is far too complicated to explain briefly, but at the most basic level, our food supply is toxic to our bodies, with exceptions only known by self-education, and is the root cause for most all sickness (70-80% immunity in the gut). The revelation of the flaws in our current medical system and food supply are far deeper, greater, and interwoven than I had ever imagined, but I see a light at the end of this tunnel.

That light is the light of education and awareness, and it starts individually.  I was on the path to becoming a conventional practitioner and slipping right into the flawed model of medicine we have today that would have left me suffering with the debilitating symptoms of hypothyroidism the rest of my life, until I saw how Seasons functioned. I never knew how passionate I would be about a more naturopathic model and practice of medicine, mainly because I never knew that it existed, but I have found myself so vigorously fascinated by the study of using natural substances to treat and heal a body so damaged by our toxic food, water, medicine, and air supply.  After going through an early quarter-life crisis, I have waited on the Lord, and He has shown me exactly where I am to take my professional career.

I still have a long way to go in my journey to ultimate health, but I have been so blessed to have come this far and have this much more knowledge of my condition and the practice of medicine on the individual.  I thought that I was going to have slightly better health by visiting Seasons, but I received so much more.  I got my life back in more ways than one.  I literally recommend Seasons Wellness to anyone and everyone I meet who has any type of health issue, particularly chronic, because I know that they can help you reach your health goals!


“I came to Seasons to try and get my immune system in shape to fight off pancreatic cancer.  I was amazed at the amount of research, work and testing they did on my behalf and how thoroughly they explained it all to me. Seasons answered all questions with a sincere desire to be sure I understood and let me know they cared about the outcome. The entire staff at Seasons always treated me with exceptional kindness and consideration; I never felt so well taken care of. I know it costs more to go to Seasons, but they offer so much more than is available in a traditional, insurance based medical office, it is beyond worth it”.


“Thank you for saving my life and restoring my health.”


“Seasons saved my life.”


“In recent years (12), I’ve been angry and so frustrated with my health and have felt no energy in working in the things that I enjoy.  I am frustrated and angry in my lack of health”

After 4 months, 35 lbs weight loss, improved blood sugar control (from 216 to 152): “I am celebrating you, this practice and my improving Health!”


“I cry now, not because I feel bad, but because I now feel so good”


“You all have changed my life and gave me back me.”