3 Keys to the Seasons Wellness Approach

The Why | Redefined | Optimize


For everything, there is a why, a reason for existence, an internal drive for that single defined purpose. At Seasons Wellness, our why is Médicus Rāphè. The Latin root word for doctor is Médicus which is translated teacher or one who teaches. The Hebrew root word for physician is Rāphè which is translated healer or one who heals. Médicus Rāphè is our why. Médicus Rāphè is the reason for our existence. Médicus Rāphè is our internal drive for a single defined purpose. Médicus Rāphè is teaching the body how to heal and is our calling for a return to the roots of medicine’s historical purpose.

The why defines existence. At Seasons Wellness, we exist to partner with our patients to pursue their individual Wellness journey. We provide customized Wellness plans to optimize the Healing and Wellness potential for each individual founded on the scientific evidence. Disease medicine is needed when the body breaks. At Seasons Wellness, we exist to seek disease prevention through the promotion of a Wellness lifestyle and seek to restore Wellness when it has been lost to disease.

The why defines purpose. At Seasons Wellness, our purpose is to teach healing, evidence-based lifestyle strategies that promote Wellness, optimize Wellness and restore the Wellness potential of each individual. Before copays, before deductibles, before diagnostic codes, and yes even before The Affordable Care Act, Médicus Rāphè was the purpose, the reason for existence, the why.


The Latin word for medicine is medicina. Medicina can be translated the medical art of healing. The medicina is delivered through the medicus, the physician or medical provider. The Disease paradigm, Disease diagnosis and disease management, is only a recent construct in modern day medicine. Most of the chronic diseases of aging today are preventable and are the result of poor life-style choices. The disease paradigm serves the purpose of managing the side effects of these long-term, unhealthy lifestyle choices. The actual historical role of the physician and the purpose of medicine is to deliver the medical art of healing to the people. At Seasons Wellness we seek to redefine medicine. We don’t seek to redefine medicine anew, but instead seek to redefine medicine back to its original, historical role of healing. Redirect the focus and ability of the new with the purpose and the goals of the old. Thomas Edison made this connection over 100 years ago. “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”


At Seasons Wellness, our goal is to optimize the Wellness potential of each individual. Optimal is not beyond the potential, pushing the body beyond the point of which it was intended to go. Optimal is, in fact, pursuing the individual’s physiologic pinnacle of potential. Optimal potential requires customization. No two individuals are alike. Thus no two individuals have the same optimal Wellness potential. The journey to optimize the Wellness potential is unique to each individual. Optimal Wellness is unique to each individual’s epigenetic expression; unique to their current nutritional status and their nutritional requirements; unique to current exercise performance and exercise requirements; unique to their hormone levels, hormone balance, hormone metabolism, and hormone receptors; unique in their inflammatory potential, sources of inflammation, and optimal inflammation management; unique in their detoxification pathways; and unique in their gut bacteria and gut health. This is the customization the 7 points of Wellness provides to achieve the optimal Wellness potential for every individual.

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